The Ferrari Museums’ Red & Yellow Campus education programme is constantly evolving and introducing new themes, content and tools useful to both students and teachers alike.

The experience of recent years has produced new opportunities for visiting schools of all levels, not least:

  • A brand-new design laboratory created in collaboration with the Ferrari Style Centre in Maranello;
  • Two new themed guided tours of the Modena Museum which showcase the facility’s historic content to brilliant effect: “Modena in the History of Motorsport” and “Enzo Ferrari: the Story of the Driver, the Constructor, his Scuderia and Ppassion across an Entire Century”.

Needless to say, the main exhibitions and services offered by both museums are also available. Equally, the two facilities enjoy a synergic and complementary relationship. Maranello has technical, marketing, team and design-oriented visitor routes. Modena, on the other hand, focuses more on the human background and history as it concentrates principally, but not solely, on paying homage to Enzo Ferrari and his extraordinary achievements, with its spectacular architecture providing a fitting backdrop.