The F1 simulators await!

The F1 simulator experience at both the Ferrari Museums and the Driving Simulation Centre in the Milan Ferrari Store is now more realistic than ever. The new multi-functional steering wheel has a 4.3” colour LCD display and allows the driver to control all the car parameters throughout the race for the ultimate immersive driving experience.
The steering wheel can display car speed, RPM, DRS, lap time, ERS charge level, lap number (LAP) and gear engaged – just like a real F1 single-seater.
The steering wheel also features the “Real Force Feedback” system which “reads the track” and literally transmits even the slightest variation to the driver as he steers.
So we look forward to seeing you try out this innovative driving experience in person – you’ll get a genuinely authentic sense of how a real eight-speed turbocharged F1 single-seater complete with hybrid power unit, behaves out on the track!

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