The Giallo Modena cafeteria is open every day from 09:30am to 6pm and offers a restaurant, bar and lunch service, also catering for business lunches. In the evening, it is open upon request for a minimum of 15 people and provides catering services for all the Museum’s daytime and evening events.

The Cafeteria gives visitors the opportunity of tasting typical Modenese dishes, prepared using the region’s typical products, or drinking a coffee with friends, eating snacks and the cakes prepared by the Chef or, again, sipping an aperitif with friends or colleagues, spilling out into the gardens to enjoy the al fresco atmosphere. The exclusive dishes include “tortellini della signora Cesira”, rigorously hand-made following the same recipe used to prepare them for Enzo Ferrari. The wine menu too, is excellent, with great pairing options for the menu.

For information and booking:
Website of Ristorante Caffetteria Giallo Modena
Phone No. +39 059 223911
E-mail: biglietteriamef@ferrari.com

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