A changing table is available for babies.
During the visit, prams can be parked in a dedicated secure storage area.

Disabled access:
The Museum is fully accessible to disabled visitors. Guided tours link to section “Guided tours and exclusive services”

By bike
At the Museum, it is possible to rent Colnago men and women bikes that are ideal for a sightseeing tour of Modena’s city centre (which can be reached in just a few minutes, riding on cycle paths) or for cycling to Maranello to visit the other Ferrari Museum. Download the leaflet with the map of Modena

Cyclists can park their bike in the bike rack in the Museum grounds.

Agreed Concessions
The Museum has also signed local agreements regarding concession rates with other museums, hotels and restaurants, to offer all visitors attractive rates for their stay.
In collaboration with incoming tour operator Modenatur, the Museo Ferrari can also suggest several possible itineraries around Modena.

Download here the PDF: Agreed Discounts in the Area

Download here the PDF with Modenatur’s packages: Modenatur

The Museum provides to dog owners kennels shaped like Ferraris where they can leave their dogs free of charge during their visit. The kennels are in the open air, in the Museum’s gardens, but they are sheltered, in a shaded area and equipped with a water bowl. They come in three sizes, suitable for all types of dogs.

Photographs and videos
Amateur photography and video recording for personal use only is permitted inside the Museum. Professionals wishing to take photographs or make video recordings must make a prior application for permission museo@ferrari.com.

Private views

Guided tours and exclusive services

Personalised welcome service

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